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How it works:

1. A1Biz 10% Price Beat Guarantee applies to all bundled products in sets provided by A1Biz and are not applicable to individual purchases.
2. Price beat applies only to competitors from Singapore providing similar paging products.
3. Competitor quote must be presented at start of contact and must match the billing recipient’s details.
4, If you find a cheaper price, you must obtain a printed confirmation of the competitor quote on headed paper (this must include the quote reference) or a web print-out of the confirmation at final payment stage. Information must be complete with products purchased, price including all fees and charges, availability of goods and date of quote clearly shown.
5. This quote needs to be presented to A1Biz on the same day as the quote was created by the competitor. A1Biz 10% Price Beat Guarantee will be valid only against the initial competitor quote. This is to avoid ongoing price negotiation.
6. If there is an error displayed by the competitor or the price offered is no longer valid, we have 1 (one) full business day to investigate. If we believe the quote is to be invalid, A1Biz’s pricing will be offered.
7. Full payment must be made if customer decides to accept A1Biz 10% Price Beat Guarantee (instead of the initial 50% deposit and remaining 50% upon delivery).
8. A1Biz will not beat the price of any previous purchase.
9. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.
10. If A1Biz is able to confirm the quote is valid and correct, we won’t match the price but beat it by 10%!