What is the Tourism Technology Fund?


Technology has dramatically transformed the global travel industry, from how people plan for trips, to the way businesses deliver travel experiences for the consumer. Tourism companies in Singapore must ensure they remain at the forefront of technology, leveraging it effectively to create new and innovative visitor experiences, while optimising business and operational processes.

The Tourism Technology Fund (TTF) aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption in the tourism sector, by helping companies in Singapore minimise the risks associated with implementation.

Who is eligible for the funding?

Singapore-registered businesses that are:

Tourism companies that create and/or adopt innovative technologies

Technology companies that create innovative technology products and services for tourism businesses

What types of projects can be supported?

The TTF applies to projects relating to:

Innovation – Test-bedding of cutting-edge technology and/or the innovative application of existing technology to benefit tourism businesses;

Visitor Experience – Tourism businesses leveraging technology to enhance the visitor experience; or

Productivity – Tourism businesses implementing technology to improve productivity and reduce reliance on manpower.

How much funding can companies receive?

TTF supports up to 50% of the project’s qualifying cost. Funding support is effective until 31 March 2016.

What types of activities are eligible for support?

Consultancy, subcontracting and creative design costs

Testing and certification costs

Materials and consumables used in the development of the first prototype


Third party Audit and costs for Outcome Evaluation Study

Training (for tourism businesses only)

Internal manpower (for developers only)

The following costs are not eligible for support under TTF:

Hardware and software costs not related to the project (e.g solutions for basic business functions)

Maintenance cost

Marketing cost

What are some examples of projects supportable by the tourism technology fund?

Business analytics solutions

Business networking solutions

Integrated ticketing systems

Mobility solutions

Guided tours mobile applications

Service automation

Travel management systems

For more information on TTF on Singapore Tourism Board site please click here

If you are not eligible for TTF, please take a look at the other grants that you may be able to untilise.

The PIC – Productivity and Innovation Credit and the ICV – Innovation & Capability Voucher grants.